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Sheffield Girls' A-Level Maths students calculate the formula for success

There has been much media attention in recent months on the opinion that girls sometimes avoid tough technical subjects such as maths and science, but this week our A-Level mathematicians did their bit to challenge this argument, with a crop of incredible grades, reflecting their passion and aptitude for the subject. 

All 23 students who studied A-Level Maths achieved 100% grade B or above, and 83% scooped a top A*/A grade. 

Our wonderful students are continuing their excellence by heading to a variety of universities in September to study a range of subjects. 

Isabelle will be studying Economics at Durham, and her Mum was delighted with her results: “She worked so hard and fully deserves her incredible achievement.” 

Aida’s mum was equally proud of her daughter, who will go on to study Medicine at UCL: “We're so proud of her and so grateful for everything the school has done for her.”

Whilst comments in the media over the last couple of years have highlighted an apparent reluctance for some girls to tackle ‘harder’ subjects like Maths, Head of Sheffield Girls’, Nina Gunson, has seen a completely different trend and comments: “Our students achieved superb results across their subjects, and we are incredibly proud of them. At Sheffield Girls’, we continue to see high numbers of students choosing Maths as one of their A level subjects each year, despite reports that girls shy away from this subject because they find it difficult. This certainly doesn’t reflect what we see. Often our girls choose subjects because they are hard; they love a challenge and this year’s Maths results would demonstrate that they have risen to that challenge with aplomb. We and they are thrilled by the results!”

Head of Maths at the school, Ben Plowman, is clear about the benefits of studying the subject at this level: “Studying Maths at A-level provides the opportunity to learn so much more than just technical skills and theory. You learn to think and communicate in a mathematical way, reasoning, proving and justifying ideas, connecting knowledge and showing creativity in problem solving. You learn how to take complex ideas and explain them clearly using precise accessible language and well structured arguments. The attention to detail, clarity of thought and the academic rigour involved in A-level maths provides an incredibly solid skills set for students to take with them into their undergraduate studies and beyond, regardless of which subject they choose to specialise in. I’m so delighted with the results achieved by our students this year which is testament to the hard work and dedication that they have shown. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to teach them and I wish them the very best for the future.” 

Approximately 73,000 fewer A*s and As have been awarded this year nationally compared with 2022, following ministers’ pledge to return the education system to normal after the pandemic, so staff and students are in celebration mood at the School after 95% of grades were awarded at A* - C, with 61% at A*-A. 

A massive congratulations to our wonderful students!

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