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Sheffield Girls' Classics department has a flying start to the year

Sheffield Girls’ Classics department has kicked off the year with a series of remarkable events and activities, igniting passion for ancient history and culture among students. From captivating lectures to immersive trips, here’s a glimpse into the exciting journey unfolding in the world of Classics at Sheffield Girls’. 

The year commenced with a flurry of enriching experiences, including captivating lectures by renowned scholars like Mary Beard, hands-on Roman baking sessions, and enlightening Neoclassical Architecture walks. The highlight was undoubtedly the scenic trip to the Bay of Naples, providing students with a firsthand encounter with ancient landscapes and ruins. 

At Sheffield Girls’, the eagerness for Classics begins early, with engaging clubs starting from Year 5. Students delve into the realms of Romans, Greeks and other ancient civilisations, fostering a deep-rooted enthusiasm for history and language. As they progress through Year 7, 8 and 9, another Classics club awaits, focusing on the ‘Ancient Worlds’ competition, organised by the Lytham St Anne’s Classical Association and guided by our own Classics Prefects.  

Continuing the journey this term, the Classics department celebrated the Warwick Ancient Drama Festival in January, providing students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Ancient Greek Drama at Warwick University. Witnessing a performance of Aeschylus ‘Persians’ further enriched their understanding of classical literature and theatre. 

In a mesmerising event hosted by the Sheffield Classical Association, titled ‘Wild Visions: Untamed Myth’, the local Sheffield community and students were treated to a captivating play featuring encounters with mythical figures like Artemis and the compelling tale of Kassandra on the grounds of Sheffield Girls’. Storytellers Katy Cawkell and Lucy Lill transported the audience to ancient worlds, inspiring imagination and curiosity. The excitement didn't stop there. Katy Cawkell returned the day after the play to conduct a fantastic storytelling workshop, captivating Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils with the tale of ‘Odysseus and Penelope’, fueling their passion for Classics and the overall curriculum. 

This month the GDST launched their annual Pearson and Silver Award for Year 12 Latin and Classics pupils. This prestigious award offers funding for students to attend enrichment activities such as Latin, Greek, or Ancient History at Summer Schools around the UK. This wonderful opportunity is opening doors to endless learning opportunities. 

As the department celebrates offers rolling in for our Year 13 students from some prestigious universities, we commend the dedication and hard work of all our students as they pursue their aspirations and carve out their paths to success. Sheffield Girls’ Classics department stands as a beacon of inspiration, nurturing curiosity and excellence in the study of ancient civilisations. With dedication and innovation, they continue to unveil the timeless allure of Classics, shaping the minds and future historians and scholars. 

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