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Sheffield Girls' hosts GDST LEADership North conference

Sheffield Girls' played host last week to the GDST LEADership North conference, bringing together students from five schools in the Trust - Belvedere, Birkenhead, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield. The day-long event aimed to foster leadership skills, enhance confidence, and forge new friendships through a series of workshops.

The participating students were mixed into different groups, providing them with an opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers from various schools. The workshops were designed to encourage idea-sharing, allowing the students to envision and shape their futures.

The event commenced with an insightful introduction to leadership by Sheffield Girls' Head, Mrs Gunson. Her address provided a powerful glimpse into the characteristics required for women entering leadership, including resilience, focus and a strong work ethic. She also talked about the importance and value of having fun at work. 

One of the workshops, titled 'My Decision Making,' was facilitated by Karen Chu, a GDST alumna and Finance and Business Consultant. Karen shared valuable insights into enhanced decision-making skills, increasing awareness, and navigating ambiguity with tools and techniques, empowering our students to make informed decisions and support others in their decision-making processes.

A networking lunch allowed the students to interact with peers from different tables, providing a platform to discuss business ideas and receive feedback. This interactive session encouraged collaboration and further strengthened the sense of community among the participants.

After a networking lunch, the afternoon sessions delved into crucial aspects of professional and personal development. Karen Kimura, Careers and Employability Manager, led the workshop 'My Life: The Importance of Money and Space' urging the girls to recognize their worth both at work and at home.

The subsequent session, 'My World: What’s it like to be a woman at work,' featured a panel discussion with female executives from diverse fields such as marketing, HR, sustainability, finance, and business. The panellists shared their experiences and provided valuable advice on thriving in the 21st-century workplace.

The day concluded with a forward-looking workshop titled 'Myself: In the Era of AI, How to Make Sure the Real YOU Shines Through.' Led by Lilly Walker of education and careers organisation InvestIn. The session explored strategies for showcasing individuality and standing out in job applications in the age of artificial intelligence. 

Our sixth form Business students will continue with their LEADership programme in the new year. 

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