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Sheffield Girls' Infant and Junior Head Chris Hald participates in a podcast for the Girls’ School Association.

 “There’s nothing ‘soft’ about soft skills!”


Chris Hald, Head of our Infant and Junior School recently shared his career highlights and the ongoing challenges and joys of leadership after being invited to participate in a podcast for the Girls’ School Association (GSA). 


In a discussion spanning a number of hot topics in Primary education, Chris shares his thoughts on a wide variety of subjects from the emerging focus on character education in schools and the fact that there is ‘nothing soft’ about soft skills, to the unique benefits of single sex education for younger pupils. He also explores the inspiration and joy he takes from working with infant and junior pupils and the huge importance of collaboration and team working for students and colleagues alike. 


Chris ends the chat with three pieces of advice for other teachers:  

  • Never underestimate the children you teach 
  • Understand the importance and value of kindness
  • Remember that you can’t do everything by yourself!


Listen to the full podcast here: 



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