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Sheffield Girls’ Infant and Junior PE department awarded SFSS Sports Primary School of the Year 2021-22

We are delighted that our Infant and Junior School PE department and pupils have been named Sports Primary School of the Year for 2021-22, by the Sheffield Federation for School Sports.

The award is given to the Sheffield primary school which has achieved the most notable overall sporting success, as well as providing a wide range of opportunities for pupils over the course of the year. It is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our pupils and staff and we are incredibly proud that they have been recognised for their passion and effort over the past year.

Emma Dickson, Joint Head of Infant and Junior School Games, said: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious award, celebrating the participation, success and commitment of all of our pupils and staff. Congratulations to the other Schools and individuals who were also successful at the SFSS awards ceremony." Jane Cooke, Joint Head of Infant and Junior School Games, commented: “We would like to thank the SFSS, and in particular Craig Malkin for all of the sports events they stage throughout the year, we know that our pupils and many others across the city benefit tremendously from the opportunities.”

Craig Malkin, SFSS Primary Athletics Secretary, thanked Sheffield Girls’ staff for organising and hosting U10 and U11 netball tournaments for schools across the city and their wider support of the programme and events.

Our Infant and Junior PE department has gone above and beyond in 2021/22, a few of the many highlights include 50% of our girls representing the School in gymnastics at Yorkshire level as well as Nationally, our U11 netball team competing in the league finals at the English Institute of Sport, our first year of SFSS football and our participation in over 100 sporting events across the country.

The award was presented to Emma, Jane and a selection of our students who had been highlighted for their outstanding individual achievements, commitment and attitude to learning, on Monday 12th December during the annual presentation evening at Sheffield City Town Hall. Congratulations!

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