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Sheffield Girls' launches SHINE sessions

On Saturday 28th January, Sheffield Girls' launched this year’s transformative SHINE sessions, marking the beginning of an exciting journey to broaden the horizons of 38 students across nine local Sheffield schools. These sessions aim to provide enriching experiences for young minds, offering a gateway to diverse learning environments.

A team of eighteen enthusiastic Sheffield Girls’ Year 12 students and three Year 13 prefects are overseeing the programme, which runs annually at Sheffield Girls’, supporting and guiding participants through their various sessions.

This first SHINE session kicked off with a drama storytelling workshop. Participants eagerly embraced the opportunity to unleash their creativity and theatrical skills, setting a vibrant tone for the upcoming sessions.

The forthcoming SHINE sessions promise a diverse range of activities, ensuring a holistic learning experience. The agenda includes engaging topics such as Maths Puzzles, Creative Computing, Dinosaurs, Art, Bouncing: The Science of Exhilaration, Egg Drop and a Music Celebration. Each session is carefully curated to ignite curiosity, foster new skills, and create lasting friendships. Most importantly, they are lots of fun!

Held on Saturdays, SHINE workshops go beyond conventional education, combining serious fun with a focus on personal growth. The aim is to provide a platform where students not only learn but also develop a sense of camaraderie and gain valuable insights into the world around them.

Sheffield Girls' is setting the stage for a brighter future, where every student has the chance to shine, explore, and grow, and our own pupils benefit enormously from our school partnerships across the city. Our commitment to providing enriching experiences underscores the School's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals with a passion for learning.

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