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Sheffield Girls' shortlisted for the 'Education Initiative of the Year' in the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards

We’re thrilled to share that Sheffield Girls’ has been nominated for the Education Initiative of the Year category in the South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards. This recognition highlights our commitment to raising awareness, promoting and embedding sustainability in every aspect of school life and the curriculum. 

The award focuses on several key criteria including evidence of the reach and impact of our education programme and plans for future development and expansion of our initiative. 

Sheffield Girls’ takes great pride in our longstanding eco-conscious efforts, holding the Eco-Schools Green Flag for over a decade. We are a green community dedicated to actively pursuing a sustainable future. Our initiatives, like the ‘JUST ONE Tree’ day, where students plant their own tree and support this award-winning non-profit to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and reverse biodiversity loss through global reforestation, instil sustainability values from a young age. 

We believe in fostering eco-responsibility throughout our girls’ journeys. This includes introducing sustainable education from Reception and establishing an Eco Council for Year 4 - Year 6 students to collaborate with the Eco-Schools Coordinator to raise waste awareness. 

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our Senior pupils with events like ‘Swap and Shop’ during Christmas promoting upcycling and community engagement. Eco Representatives lead this project, uniting our community in an Earth-first spirit. 

As a community dedicated to sustainability, we eagerly await the results of our nomination and express our gratitude to South Yorkshire Sustainability Awards for this wonderful opportunity.

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