We are so incredibly proud to share the story of Year 10 pupil Samira, and her brother Daniel, who have used their time in lockdown to raise money for the NHS by specially designing their own pin for NHS frontline workers. Samira and Daniel’s parents are both NHS workers, and after their mother tested positive for Covid-19 back in March, they decided they wanted to help.

After a carefully considered design plan, their pins are being widely distributed in hospitals in South Yorkshire and Barnsley, and now they want to spread their pins further afield. The money raised goes towards the production of more pins, directly to the NHS, and also to local food banks.

We’re blown away by Samira and Daniel’s kindness and creativity. This is a fantastic way to make a difference and spread an important message.

To find out more about their story, and to donate, please visit their website at https://frontlinepin.org/

You can also find them on social media:
Instagram account - @frontlinepin
Twitter account - @FrontlinePin