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Year 12 student, Rebekah, appointed Executive STEAM Youth Director for The STEM Project

We are delighted that Rebekah in Year 12 has been appointed Executive STEAM Youth Director for The STEM Project.

The STEM Project includes STEM educators, industry matter experts, science communicators, and youth directors working together to create bespoke solutions linking to all disciplines in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

Having already experienced research and project design, (Bright Ideas Competition: Converting Food Waste into Clean Energy) Rebekah is keen to explore and further her research experience into STEAM subjects, specifically the foundation they provide by being our building blocks for real world concepts and teaching the next generation about critical thinking skills.

We spoke to Rebekah about why she applied to be part of the The STEM Project and what she hopes to achieve: ‘I want to be involved with The STEM Project as I want to share my passion for STEAM and enthuse other young people to explore STEM related subjects. I feel that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are all around us, and combined with the Arts, impact our lives. This is especially important looking into the future when there are more and more big issues that we have to confront. The use of AI, big data and creative thinking all need to be integrated into tackling issues such as climate change, sustainability, energy and food production. I am excited to be part of an organisation that promotes this message and I am looking forward to working with partners, companies and other Youth Directors over the next year.’

Congratulations Rebekah, we look forward to hearing about your projects and progress over the coming months. Find out more about STEM at Sheffield Girls’.

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