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Year 9 get artistic on Design Day

Designers, artists, and creative minds came together this week for the annual Year 9 Design Day!

The day is planned every year to provide Year 9 with the chance to hear from a variety of artistic and creative professionals, and to complete a sustainable design challenge together in the afternoon. The day is designed for the girls to learn more about the varied career paths that can stem from studying art. 

In the morning, our pupils heard from alumna Kat Payne, a silversmith who works in a acclaimed workshop based in Sheffield. Another one of our wonderful alumna, Holly Smith, talked about her Masters studies in Art Law at the University of York. Professor Abigail Harrison-Moore then presented about her specialism of Art History and Museum Studies, at the University of Leeds where she is based. Matthew Stripling from Porsche Sheffield then talked about design and creativity in the automotive industry. 

Our students were able to ask questions and probe deeper into possible artistic and creative career paths, and better understand the life experiences our guest speakers had to reach where they are today. 

In the afternoon, the year group created accessories and costumes made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes, and strutted their stuff down the catwalk! We were thrilled to see so many creative and interesting looks, and the girls certainly enjoyed their time. 

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