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Guided Home Learning at Sheffield Girls’

Over the last twelve months our innovative use of technology has transformed the way the school community operates, supporting exciting approaches to teaching and learning. It has been amazing to see how quickly everyone has adjusted, embracing this new way of learning. 

From the moment the first lockdown began we switched swiftly and seamlessly to virtual schooling, with most of our pupils accessing their lessons from home. We recognise that technology can be used to great effect to facilitate learning, providing opportunities to bring us closer together and improve our effectiveness, and this has been so important during recent restrictions. 

Students in all year groups have timetabled classes throughout standard school hours and despite most of our girls being based at home, many of our co-curricular activities have continued - remotely - as well. Students continue to have opportunities to extend, enrich and excel through access to online clubs, competitions, physical activity and charitable ideas.

Pupil wellbeing has been a priority from the outset and pastoral care has been an integral part of Guided Home Learning, including: 

  • daily Form times
  • regular check-ins with key staff, e.g. Heads of Year
  • continuation of our professional support online, e.g. our counselling service
  • a regular wellbeing survey and follow up
  • innovative ideas available via our Firefly wellbeing pages
  • supporting our girls to get away from their screens, stay active and get outside for exercise whenever possible
  • Resilience Hub

Since our launch of Guided Home Learning, we have delivered creative and innovative lessons online via Google Meet, ensuring learning has continued uninterrupted. Our teachers draw upon an extensive range of approaches and use a number of applications, including Pear Deck, Jamboard and OneNote, to provide the variety our students crave. 

Technical support for both our pupils and our teachers is available via our school learning platform, Firefly, with interactive training sessions offered regularly to support our teachers to become expert practitioners.

Everything has been moved online from Parents’ Evenings, Information Evenings and Concerts to Open Days and Virtual Tours, enabling strong engagement with our existing and prospective community. 

Tips for supporting your child whilst they learn online: 

  • Establish routines - where possible, maintain a structured day with dedicated class / learning times and regular bedtime routines
  • Choose a good place to learn - as free from distractions as possible 
  • Stay in touch - with teachers and other parents 
  • Promote your child’s autonomy in learning - encourage older children to manage their own learning and interactions with their teachers and peers 
  • ‘Check in’ - at the beginning and end of each day check your child is coping and happy with the day’s learning
  • Peace and quiet - difficult in homes with young children, but try to set time aside each day for a short period of calm, quiet reflection or relaxation
  • Set realistic expectations - for your child and yourself, and be flexible
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise - outside when possible

If you would like to learn more about our Guided Home Learning provision during lockdown please contact our registrar at 

"Homeschooling feels like it’s going really well, a massive thank you to all the teachers. The balance is really good and classes are really engaging. We are both working almost full time so appreciate this a lot."
- Infant & Junior School parent
"Thanks for everything you have arranged. The online sessions are absolutely perfect”
- Infant & Junior School parent
" I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all the ongoing hard work helping the girls settle into home and school learning."
- Infant & Junior School parent
“Guided home learning seems to be going very well both in Junior and in Senior school, and our girls thrive on the structure and rhythm that is provided by the daily activities and the timetables.”
- Senior School parent

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