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Building relationships at the GDST Architecture and Engineering Conference in Bath

The weekend of the 10 and 11 March 2017 brought the opportunity to attend the GDST Architecture & Engineering Conference in association with the University of Bath, providing an invaluable opportunity for Sixth Form girls interested in pursuing a career in these areas.

Year 12 student Eleanor Murphy reported on the conference:  'My time in Bath was wonderful and I feel was an invaluable experience for all the girls who attended! Not only did we find out more about our desired future profession, but we met lots of wonderful people from all over the country, who were able to offer us advice on what their chosen profession is like, what they do, and how they got to be where they are today.'

Eleanor continued: 'Professors and Post-Graduates from universities like Loughborough, Bath, Leicester, Cambridge and Imperial were on hand to answer any questions we had on any aspect on engineering or architecture, and I found it really useful, as they even went over problems such as University applications, and offered us advice on how we should write our applications, what we should do in the run up to university, or applying for apprenticeships.'

As well as listening to lectures, the girls also took part in some hands on activities, both at the Royal High School Bath and the University of Bath, which they found really fun.

It was very exciting working together with professionals on chosen activities, as well as using Bath's incredible facilities,' said Eleanor. 'I also met some wonderful girls from the different GDST schools from all over the country, who were so nice, and made the experience even more enjoyable! I would really recommend this trip to anyone considering architecture or engineering, as I made some wonderful friends, and have been really inspired to pursue architecture in the future.'

Eleanor Murphy, Year 12 

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