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Medic Mentor - Motivating Medical Minds

Teresa Snook from our Sixth Form, in Year 12, has been selected out of 60 candidates to become a Medic Mentor School Society leader. Teresa has been formally invited to attend the National School Society meeting being held in early March at Pimlico Academy, London.

This has given her the incredible opportunity to meet fellow School Society leaders from around the UK and work closely with the regional mentor team. These regional mentors are current medical students and mentors who will be supporting Teresa and the school for the rest of the year.

This meeting will feature activities designed to help develop skills for applying to medical school, which society leaders will recreate for other students at their school. The education directorate were very impressed with Teresa’s commitment and enthusiasm to pursue her medical career.

In an interview conducted by students from the school’s Year 12 Media enrichment group, Teresa told us: ‘I’m really excited about it! I hope the opportunity will open a lot of opportunities both for me and for all the prospective medics in school’.   

Her dedication to the initiative is clear: We asked Teresa what her parents thought of the opportunity and she replied ‘my parents are really happy for me and believe it will really benefit both me and the school having a medical society’.

She concluded the interview with the following comment: ‘I’m really looking forward to leading the society and hopefully it will continue into the future!’. We are all very proud of Teresa and wish her the best of luck in the future.

Lian Al-Abed, Alex Hobson, Rosie Anderson & Rija Nayyer

Year 12 Media Group

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