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Meet the new Head Girl Team

After a long and tense period, the waiting is over! The votes are in, the interviews are over, and the teachers and students have spoken… Meet the new 2017-2018 Head Girl Team from our Sixth Form!

Head Girl – Eva Koffi (Pronounced A-va) Eva was chosen to be Head Girl by her peers and staff due to her instinctive ability to lead through her bright personality and interpersonal people skills, her academic abilities and involvement in extracurricular school outreach programmes such as peer educating, Shine, and work with Arbourthorne, her excellent skill as a public speaker and her overall natural leadership quality.

A levels:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths.

Future plans: Medicine – Obstetrics

Personal interests: Watching Grey’s Anatomy, ironing, and making lists.

Most likely to be found: Lying under the science stairs.

Eva says, “I feel really honoured to have been chosen, slightly overwhelmed, and shocked. I am really excited to lead and work with the team of amazing girls and hope we can make everyone proud”

Deputy Head Girls:

Emily Wyman - Emily has outstanding contributions to the school sporting life as a multiple winner of gymnastics, trampolining and netball championships, as well as coaching for younger years, her involvement in Shine, her academic and organisational abilities and her overall contributions to school life.

A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Geology

Future plans: Medicine - potential army doctor specialisation

Personal Interests: Saving lives as a lifeguard, dancing, correctly guessing celebrity pregnancies.

Most likely to be found: Upside down in the Sports Hall/gym.

Teresa Snook (Pronounced Te-RAY-sa) - Teresa is involved in volunteering as a science mentor, work with school outreach programmes and school events, has gained excellent academic achievements, winning the title of Medic Mentor, and has demonstrated her musical talents, her scientific expertise and brings a calming presence in sixth form on a day to day basis.

A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, German

Future Plans: Medicine, hopefully ending up in A & E (as the doctor not the patient)

Personal Interests: Playing piano, spending time with family and friends, and watching medical and crime dramas.

Most likely to be found: In the Library.

Lydia Blackburn - Lydia has shown her musical expertise through her role in orchestra, her volunteering at Greystones and with younger years, achieving and maintaining her academic success, involved in extracurricular dancing and classical music, as well as contributing to the school life through events and concerts.

A levels: Physics, Geology, Geography  

Future Plans: Earth sciences and geological sciences at university.

Personal Interests: Classical music, earth sciences, D of E expeditions on cold,wet muddy Sunday mornings.  

Most likely to be found: In the Music Department in Ash Grove

The new team will take up their responsibilities after the Easter Holidays.

Aleena Waseem, Year 12 Media Group

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