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Raising Awareness with the RAP Project

In January, Year 12 in our Sixth Form were fortunate to have a presentation from the RAP Project, who spoke on raising awareness about personal safety and prevention in areas of rape and sexual assault, and discussed how pornography and social media influence attitudes and expectations.

There was time afterwards for questions and some debate about how the media can negatively affect body image and self-esteem and how young people can build resilience in facing this.

We are delighted that the RAP Project have offered interested Year 12 girls the opportunity to undertake some work experience research projects with them, too, and many have already made contact to set this up.

Allison Havey, from the RAP Project, said ‘The RAP Project offers work experience to students around the UK. Our work relies heavily on teenagers’ attitudes and opinions, and their research in regions outside of London is invaluable to us."

We are looking forward to planning our next project together.

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