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In Key Stage 4, we offer personalised and comprehensive support to assist our students in exploring their future options and making informed decisions regarding their Post-16 pathways. 

Our dedicated team provides tailored guidance and career exploration opportunities. We actively involve parents and guardians in the decision-making process and facilitate valuable work experience placements. Through continuous monitoring and evaluation, we ensure that our support programmes evolve to meet the changing needs and aspirations of our students.

Careers in the Curriculum

We integrate career development into our curriculum, seamlessly incorporating it within PSHE, character education and individual subject areas.


By doing so, we create a robust foundation that equips our students with essential career skills and knowledge throughout their academic journey. Our comprehensive approach ensures that students understand the relevance of their studies in real-world contexts, enabling them to explore diverse career pathways and make informed decisions about their future.

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PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

The careers element of PSHE at KS4 empowers students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate future educational courses and employment opportunities. Through this programme, students learn to create professional CVs, application forms and gain insights into interview expectations. Additionally, dedicated PSHE time is allocated to prepare students for their valuable Work Experience placement in Year 11. 

By combining practical career preparation with hands-on experience, we ensure our students are well-equipped to confidently pursue their desired educational and professional pathways.

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Careers Lessons

In our curriculum, all Year 10 students benefit from a dedicated, timetabled careers lesson taught by our experienced Head of Careers. These engaging lessons delve into crucial aspects of the evolving world of work, employability skills, and diverse career opportunities. Students also have access to Morrisby Careers, a valuable resource that empowers them to explore and research personalised career plans. By utilising this platform and connecting students with their local and regional community of employers, our students gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about their future career paths.

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Subject Lessons

Within our subject areas, we provide diverse and immersive career opportunities to enrich students' learning experiences. In Cookery and Nutrition, students engage in masterclasses led by skilled professionals such as butchers and fishmongers. In Drama and Theatre studies, they participate in dynamic workshops conducted by The Paper Birds Theatre Company. 


Students also benefit from an introduction to higher-level Maths at The University of Sheffield, broadening their understanding of mathematical applications. Additionally, our Science department actively involves students in the Teen Tech competition, fostering their innovation and problem-solving skills. These hands-on experiences within subject areas empower students to explore various career pathways and gain practical insights into their fields of interest.


We prioritise equipping our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the ever-changing world of work.

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Annual Careers Fair

We host an evening event with Higher education, Apprenticeship and Further Education providers and employers for our students and parents from all key stages to explore to help inform their future careers.

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Annual Careers Evening - Featuring Keynote Speaker

Each year, we adapt the focus of this event to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of careers.

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Career Opportunities Shared Directly Via Email

We share opportunities encompassing virtual live events, work experience and competitions from a wide range of subjects and careers are shared weekly via email. Students and parents alike can access these resources to stay informed and actively engaged in diverse learning experiences.

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Inspire North

Hosted at a local university, the event will allow students to network with students from across the GDST and participate in several team activities to develop skills that will help prepare them for Higher Education and the world of work.

Options and Pathways

We ensure our students are fully informed of all options and pathways at Post 14, 16 and 18 and have access to impartial guidance.

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Morrisby Online Careers and Aptitude Tests

All students from Year 7 to Year 13 are given life-long access to Morrisby Careers which matches their skills and interests to potential career matches and allows them to explore the latest local market information. This invaluable resource matches their skills and interests with potential career pathways. At Key Stage 4, students complete aptitude tests which enhance their career matches further.

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1:1 Careers Interview

All Year 11 students receive personalised, tailored careers meetings with a highly qualified Morrisby Careers Advisor. These one-on-one sessions offer dedicated time to discuss and explore a wide range of post-16 options, ensuring that students receive tailored guidance based on their unique interests and aspirations.

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Post 16 Options Choices Support

We provide comprehensive and unbiased support to both Year 11 students and parents as they navigate the selection of post-16 options. This includes organising open mornings for exploration, facilitating mentorship opportunities, arranging subject tasters, and providing crucial assistance on GCSE results day.

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Live Lunches

Each term, we extend a warm invitation to our many alumnae to speak live in conversation with the Head of Careers about their educational experiences and career journey to date. Students from all year groups have the opportunity to ask questions, receive valuable tips and network.

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Weekly Career Couch

We host a weekly lunchtime drop-in session for all students spanning from Year 7 to Year 13 to ask questions and seek help for all things career-related.

Whether they need guidance on career exploration, educational pathways, or any other related queries, students can rely on this dedicated session to receive the support they need.

New for 2023!

Students from Y7-Y13 have an age specific careers event paired with an alumnae employer covering everything from ‘Being in your element’ and ‘Squiggly careers’ to ‘Speed networking’.

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Career Spotlight Events

 We have speakers from a wide variety of sectors including health, law, business, marketing, finance, writing, drama and the public services. We have also paired up top London Recruiting Firm CWR to help our Year 11 students learn about perfecting a knock-out CV, job application and interview to help them ‘Secure their dream job’!

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