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Students receive intensified career support as our students begin their Sixth Form journey. We equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to explore all Post-18 options, such as universities and apprenticeships.

Careers in the Curriculum

We strive to embed career education securely into the curriculum through PSHE, character education, and individual subject areas.

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Tutorial Programme

We offer a weekly program of sessions to complement students’ academic studies which focus on study skills, critical thinking, career education, financial literacy and independent. This program helps prepare them to take the all-important step after Post-18 as confident, well-informed individuals, with extensive support around Post 18 options and application support for all pathways.

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Personal Development Record

Students have an electronic log track their academic progress, involvement in super-curricular and extra-curricular positions of responsibility and record future career plans.

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Subject Lessons

Career opportunities within subject areas include the Sheffield Young Artists Exhibition, NASA Space Competition in Computing, Extended Project Qualification and the Gold Industrial Cadets programme in Science.


We recognise the importance of preparing our students for the future world of work by equipping them with knowledge and skills to make them differentiate themselves.

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Forging Futures Enrichment

Students can sign up for extensive enrichment and leadership opportunities to complement and enhance their academic curriculum and develop employability skills. These opportunities include peer mentoring, Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh program.

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Work Experience

Sixth Form students are encouraged to complete work experience placements to explore careers of their choice, further developing and evidencing their employability skills.

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Mock Interviews

Sixth Form students learn what to expect from different types of interviews including 1:1, group and virtual. They also have the opportunity to participate in a mock interviews with an expert in their field.

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Rungway and GDST Life Networking

Sixth Form students can network with students from across the network of 25 GDST schools and alumnae to gain valuable career tips and placement opportunities.

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Annual Careers Fair

We host an evening event featuring hundreds of Higher education, Apprenticeship providers and employers to help explore and inform their future careers.

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Opportunities Shared Directly with Students

Opportunities such as virtual live events, work experience and competitions from a wide range of subjects and careers are shared weekly with students and parents via our Intranet.

Options and Pathways

We ensure our students are fully informed of all options and pathways at Posts 14, 16 and 18 and have access to impartial guidance.

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Morrisby Online Careers

All students from Y7 to Y13 have life-long access to Morrisby Careers which helps align their skills and interests with potential career matches and allows them to explore the latest local market information, and at KS5, research their Post-18 options using Morrisby Higher.

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1:1 Careers Interview

All Year 12 students receive a tailored, unbiased 1:1 careers meeting with the Head of Careers.

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Post 18 Options Choices Support

Our students and parents are given comprehensive 1:1 support when choosing Post-18 options, including exposure to all possible pathways, a Post-18 Conference Day, a Personal Statement Writing Workshop, a Post-18 Evening for parents covering student finance, an Oxbridge and Aspirations Evening, an Apprenticeship Evening, admissions test support and A-Level Results Day support.

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Live Lunches

Each term, we host an interactive conversation between the Head of Careers and a successful alumnae, where students from all year groups can ask questions, gain insights and network. Past students share their educational and career journey to date, offering top tips for successful careers.

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Weekly Career Couch

A weekly lunchtime drop-in for all students from Y7-Y13 to ask questions and seek help for all things career-related.

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Annual Careers Evening - Featuring a Keynote Speaker

Each year, the focus of this event will change to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of careers.

New for 2023!

Students from Y7-Y13 have an age specific careers event paired with an alumnae employer covering everything from ‘Being in your element’ and ‘Squiggly careers’ to ‘Speed networking’.

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Career Spotlight Events

 We have speakers from a wide variety of sectors including health, law, business, marketing, finance, writing, drama and the public services. We have also paired up top London Recruiting Firm CWR to help our Year 11 students learn about perfecting a knock-out CV, job application and interview to help them ‘Secure their dream job’!

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