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English Language

English Language examines the way language works including diction and colloquialisms, the development of language from childhood to adulthood and how language shapes the way we understand the world.

The English Department

The English Department at Sheffield Girls’ looks to develop a rich and varied appreciation of language and celebrates cultural and regional diversity. It’s a subject that develops essential academic skills which enrich a student’s overall educational experience: making other subjects more understandable, providing skills that can be widely applied and helping each student better understand the way she interacts with the world.

As a department, our lessons adopt a pupil-centred approach, which focuses on meeting each individual’s needs so she can thrive. Our teachers ensure every student feels supported, valued and challenged.

KS3 English Language

Throughout KS3 and beyond, girls are encouraged to debate topics, ask questions and get hands-on with their learning. This could look like dramatic readings of their own persuasive speeches, through to watching a House of Commons debate or pre-school TV show and analysing the language. Every day is different to ensure students are learning in an engaging way and are developing skills essential for later success.

GCSE English Language

Our GCSE English Language curriculum covers a wide range of topics and is shaped by examination requirements to ensure girls are fully prepared for their GCSEs. We believe that in making lessons fun and enjoyable, students are more eager to learn and will ultimately achieve better results.

Our results at GCSE have been outstanding for many years with the majority of pupils meeting and exceeding their target grades.

Many of our pupils go on to study English Language at A-Level and some at graduate level at some of the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Extracurricular Activities

The English Department offers a range of extracurricular enrichment activities such as public speaking, poetry competitions and a creative writing club. These activities are designed to enhance the girls’ educational experience, develop their confidence and provide fun ways to engage with the subject of English Language.

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