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History is a fantastic and interesting subject that can teach us about our society today through studying the past. History at Sheffield Girls’ aims to equip girls with knowledge, but also broaden their understanding of different cultures. We consider our place in history and how the past has shaped modern day life.

What do you need to study History?

  • An inquiring and lively mind
  • An enjoyment of discussion and debate
  • An interest in the world and different cultures
  • No previous experience of the subject

What will you gain from studying History?

  • Habits of independent study
  • Confidence to contribute to discussion
  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • The ability to manage information
  • A clear, logical written style
  • An ability to express your own point of view effectively
  • Respect for the views and perspectives of others

KS3 History

History is a fascinating subject and we cover a wide range of different topics and eras throughout Senior School. The aim at this stage is to give students a strong overview of the subject and some key moments that have affected Western history. Year 7-9 prepares girls for further study at GCSE by equipping them with the skills they need and developing their skills.

Year 7 topics:

  • What is History?
  • Medieval England
  • The Tudors
  • The Stuarts
  • The English Civil War
  • Oliver Cromwell

Year 8 Topics:

  • The Industrial revolution
  • The British Empire
  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • The causes and events of the First World War
  • The Suffragettes

Year 9 Topics:

  • 1920s America
  • The rise of Hitler
  • Life in Nazi Germany
  • The Second World War

GCSE History

History is a popular GCSE choice and we follow the AQA GCSE History syllabus (8145). There are two examination papers which test factual knowledge and skills.

We study:

  • Health and the People, c.1000 to the present day
  • Medieval England in the reign of Edward I
  • Germany, 1890-1945 (the rise of Hitler and Nazi state)
  • The Cold War

Our students find the GCSE course interesting, stimulating and a good basis for understanding issues in the news today - as well as a great deal of fun. History also allows you to develop skills of analysis, explanation, evaluation and debating. These skills are extremely useful in any career which you might pursue in later life.

History fits in well with whatever other GCSE subjects you are doing. If you do other humanities subjects then you will find that the skills complement each other, such as analysing texts and communicating through writing and speaking. History also requires clear and analytical thinking and so also appeals to students studying Mathematics or Sciences. In Modern Languages you learn about the culture of other societies and History provides you with the background to these. Read more about studying at the best Sheffield secondary school.

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