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English Literature

English Literature looks at novels, short stories, poetry and drama from a critical perspective. Asking, what does this tell us about the world and how does it do that? As a department, we strive for academic excellence and ensure each one of our pupils has a rich and varied understanding of literature.

English Literature and English Language are taught as two separate subjects.

What’s the difference between English Literature and Language?

English Language examines the way language is used to communicate through speech, writing and other forms of communication. It might consider how the way we speak changes in different environments or at different ages. English literature, on the other hand, examines texts including novels, plays, short stories and poetry. It thinks about how the context in which it was written impacts its themes and ideas and what it could tell us about our lives today. It also looks at the way an author writes and what technique he or she uses to create literary effects.

The GCSE Course

GCSE English Literature examines a range of different kinds of texts including prose and poetry of different genres and eras. It seeks to give students an understanding of the way literature functions in society, how it can be used as a platform to share ideas and how it can give a voice to those who are otherwise silenced or ignored.

At Sheffield Girls’, we ensure the curriculum is varied and reflects the nature of our culturally rich society. We examine texts written by women, people of colour and people from cultures across the globe. Through the study of literature, empathy skills are nurtured whilst fostering confidence and self-esteem. Girls learn about inspiring and influential women and men who have impacted society through their writing.

As a department, we are academically focused, helping each pupil to achieve her fullest potential, while ensuring that she enjoys the diversity and variety that this course offers. We take a pupil-centered approach to teaching, ensuring each member of the class is seen, heard and supported.

The English Department

The English Department is made up of experienced, friendly and lively teachers who are passionate about their subjects. The team has years of experience and aims to help each pupil achieve her best.

Most of our GCSE English Literature pupils achieve, and often exceed, their targets.

The English Department is an interactive environment that encourages discussion and debate, helping girls become more confident and develop every aspect of their communication skills.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities available to Senior School GCSE pupils include public speaking, poetry competitions and a Creative Writing Club, as well as theatre visits. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to develop learning outside the classroom, including visits from authors and participating in regional and national competitions.

Further Study

Many of our GCSE English Literature students go on to study Literature A-Level at Sheffield Girls’ and some go on to read the subject at prestigious universities around the country.

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