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Fine Art


Art, Design and Technology at Sheffield Girls' is a successful and lively department which currently comprises three full-time and two part-time technicians.

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The Art Department

The art department works together as a strong team celebrating our strengths. Our specialisms cover Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Textiles, Ceramics, Sculpture and Digital Photography.

We deliver a rich and varied curriculum which encourages enjoyment and understanding of Art and Design no matter what interests each of our students have. We believe that learning the language of art enables students to respond visually to the world around them.

While drawing is one of the skills students can pursue, the limits of art are endless. From sculpting to printing to photography, art opens up new ways for students to express themselves and their part in the world.

At each Key Stage, students have the opportunity, through curricular and extra-curricular activities, to explore the work of artists and designers, as well as trying their hand at different mediums and subjects.


GCSE Art is a popular subject choice at the Senior School and many of our students enjoy it to the extent that they go on to study A-level art at our Sixth Form.

GCSE Art allows students to begin to choose their own artistic direction more independently, researching artists they’re interested in and selecting mediums with which they enjoy working. It gives space for creative expression and independent working while teachers are on hand to challenge, inspire and further skills in different areas.

Extra Curricular Activities

The lunchtime clubs run through the Art and Design department are popular and attended by every age group. Students can work in the studios at lunchtimes. We also regularly enter students’ work into exhibitions and competitions outside of school.

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