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English Literature

The English Department aims to inspire pupils, instilling in them a rich and varied appreciation of literature and language and celebrating cultural diversity. As a department, we strive for academic excellence, meeting the needs of every girl. We adopt a pupil-centred approach, enabling every girl to experience success and meet her potential. We are successful because we have high expectations of ourselves as teachers and of our Sixth Form students, ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity. We aim to promote an ethos of respect by creating an inclusive climate in our classrooms where every girl feels supported, valued and challenged.

Whilst our curriculum is driven by examination requirements at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, during their school career, we aim to ensure that the girls enjoy their lessons encouraging debates and interactive approaches. Through the study of literature, empathy skills are nurtured whilst fostering confidence and self-esteem.

At A-Level, you will study a stimulating selection of modern and classic Prose, Poetry and Drama, grouped together by genre, such as Tragedy and Crime fiction, examined via coursework and end of course assessment.

A-Level English Literature involves extensive and intensive discussion and debate arising from the study of Literature across the ages, sharing ideas in small groups, with opportunities for in depth independent study as well as with teacher guidance.

The girls are extremely successful at AS and A-level, achieving outstanding results: many of them go on to study both Language and Literature at graduate level, with success at some of the most prestigious universities.

The Department offers enrichment activities such as public speaking, poetry competitions and a Creative Writing Club as well as theatre visits. These activities enhance the girls’ educational experience, whilst providing them with new opportunities to explore the world around within the context of the subject.  Ultimately, we are confident that our girls leave us armed with skills that will stand them in good stead in all walks of life.

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