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Physics is a successful and popular subject in school. The department works very hard to support our Sixth Form students through their studies and is proud of the results they achieve. We aim to maintain this standard through the quality of the educational experience both in the classroom and beyond.

At A-level, we promote an inclusive and purposeful cooperation between students and staff with the aim of maximising the performance of all. As well as lessons, students are encouraged to seek one-to-one support which helps students to develop at their own pace and also dispels the misplaced idea that Physics is a difficult subject.

The A-level Physics specification introduces new topics as well as building on previous studies in physics, providing a smooth transition from GCSE. Students develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of physics, how physics links to other sciences and how it underpins important technologies.

The five topics in Year 12 are:

  • Measurement and errors

  • Particles, radiation, quantum (tiny physics) effects

  • Current electricity

  • Mechanics, properties of materials

  • Waves

The four topics in Year 13 are:

  • Further mechanics and Thermal physics

  • Fields, and their consequences

  • Nuclear physics

  • Optional topic selected from astrophysics or medical physics

The subject is a good basis for many degree courses and is highly respected at interviews. Subjects followed at university by past A-level students range from Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary, Architecture, Mathematics, Economics and History.

Extra-curricular Activities

We support our students through activities in and out of the classroom. These include:

  • Visits to university departments

  • Headstart and other sample university courses

  • Opportunities for summer work experience

  • Visiting lecturers who talk about current issues, e.g. Dark matter

  • Visit to Jodrell Bank

The girls increase their self confidence and develop many skills by being involved in these events. This supports students in deciding and developing their future life choices.


Any questions? Please contact Mr Dinsdale, Head of Physics, on 

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