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Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that, in all classrooms, Sixth Form students enjoy their learning and contribute 100% to every lesson. Learning styles are varied and work is differentiated, supported by high quality teaching resources including the use of ICT. Verbal and written feedback is constructive and students know what they need to do in order to improve. Teachers are passionate about their subject and inspire creative thinking.

Key Stage 5

What will I be studying?

A-level Maths consists of 3 main areas –

  • Core Maths (algebra, trigonometry, etc)
  • Statistics (data analysis, etc)
  • Mechanics (motion, forces, etc)

What does this subject involve?

You study a mixture of the three elements – various options can be taken. An A-level qualification consists of 6 modules and an AS-level qualification is achieved with success in 3 modules. Further Maths can be taken in addition to the A-level by completing another 6 modules.

Future prospects?

A qualification in Maths opens many doors. As well as the obvious links with Science, Finance and Engineering-related careers, many employers look favourably upon candidates who have studied Maths to A-level standard and A-level Maths combines well with most other A-level subjects.

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