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Fine Art

Sheffield Girls’ Art Department

Fine Art and Design at Sheffield Girls' Sixth Form is a vibrant and engaging A-level. The art department team have specialisms that range across the wide spectrum of art and textiles including sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, digital photography and more - whatever area of art you’re most interested in pursuing, our teachers can challenge, encourage and inspire you to grow within your favourite mediums. Or, of course, to explore new ones.

We are extremely proud of our art department and the fantastic pieces each of our students create each year. If you’re interested in studying Fine Art and Design A-level at a leading Sixth Form in Sheffield, then visit the art department on an open day.

Any questions? Please contact Mrs Andrews, Head of Art at 

A Level Art

‘This is a fine course which allows candidates to explore their own ideas and produce some highly creative work of a very impressive standard’. – Moderator’s Report.

A-level Art and Design students are encouraged to explore what interests them from different mediums to studying the work of particular artists. Our expert teachers are on hand to help you learn new skills, harness those you already have and create fantastic pieces throughout your Art AS and A level.

The ‘Journey’

At AS and A-level, students work increasingly independently, exploring their own ‘journey’.

Teachers are on hand for guidance, to help you understand the expectations of exam boards and to ensure you achieve the very best you can in your A level while enjoying the freedom and creativity that this course offers.

Each students’ ‘journey’ will look different. If you’re interested in sculpture, we can help you tailor your coursework around this. If you love the work of Andy Warhol or John Singer Sargeant’s portraits, we can help you find resources on the time period or on similar artists in order to explore this style in more detail.

Our A level Art and Design course looks how you want it to. It’s dynamic, challenging and a fantastic choice for any creative student.

Future Careers in Art

Students can use their portfolio of Fine Art and Design A-level work to apply for many Art and Design-related careers.

We keep in contact with ex-pupils who have gone on to study aspects of Art and Design and invite them back to school to share their experiences with our current students.

Our teachers and career advisor can help you consider the different avenues your A-level Fine Art qualification could lead you if you wanted to pursue Art or Design beyond Sheffield Girls’.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Art and Design department run popular lunchtime clubs throughout the school and A-level students can work in the studios at lunchtimes.

We also regularly enter students’ work into exhibitions and competitions outside of the school. Many of our students over the years have won various awards for their work or been shown in exhibitions in Sheffield, Yorkshire and further afield.

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