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Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

In the Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Department, we aim to provide high quality education for all our students. The scheme of work is planned so that students engage with some of the best that has been taught and done by spiritual teachers of all ages and cultures. In the process they learn from religion as well as about it. All personal faith positions are respected and a tolerant attitude towards people of different faith positions or none is expected both in and out of the classroom.

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics enhances the multicultural nature of the school. Sixth Form students are happy to share the way they practise their faith and this adds a special dimension to lessons. We are continually encouraged by the amazing pieces of work produced by our students and, as teachers, we have been impressed by the creative approach and empathy shown by our students in this subject.

An indication of the enjoyment of this subject by many students is the large number of GCSE students who continue to A-level. The course we follow is the OCR course ‘Philosophy of Religion and Ethics’. In Philosophy of Religion, pupils look at topics including the problem of evil, the qualities of God and the debate between science and religion. In the ethics side of the course the ethical issues of euthanasia, sexual ethics, business ethics and conscience are studied in relation to ethical theories. In the Theology section we look at feminist and LGBT theologies, and theology from developing countries as well as the person of Jesus and secularism.


We attend an Ethics and Philosophy Masterclass in Manchester and watch ethical films at the Showroom Cinema.

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